New Product: Cattle Cable Coils

Our new cattle cable coils are an effective simplified way to secure cable, run cable and repair posts.This design gives you two different methods, (as pictued below) the top coil is welded in a postion that would allow the cable to be secured by threading the cable through the loop. The second method on the bottom allows you to pull the cable past the post (without the resistance of feeding it through tags)  postion the cable at an 45 degree angle (to allow it to pass through the opening of the coil) and let the cable straighten out again, once the cable has straightened in the coil it is locked securely in place.

These coils are highly beneficial. They eliminate the possiblity of cable wearing/cutting into posts/tags, it is substainly faster to install it also allows cable to be easily replaced or repaired and is manufactured from high tensile steel double that of the cable to ensure lasting wear on all sides.                     

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Based in Warialda, rural New South Wales, Warialda Engineering & Welding Pty Ltd is central to the beef industry across Australia.

We are at the forefront of innovation and product development for agriculture, manufacturing an impressive range of agricultural tools to improve both safety in the work environment and the overall experience in the field.

Our services range from the on-site manufacture of feedlots, pouring concrete slabs, feed bunks and tilt panels, to engineering heavy duty trailers and producing innovations such as the “Davis Star Lifter”, the “Davis Bagmate” and the all-new “Ropey”.

We take pride in being the first of our kind to provide such services and being able to combine them with outstanding customer service.

If you are interested in finding out more, and what we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can Additional Info, for a free, no-obligation quote – we will even undertake a free site visit as part of the process.

Superior quality, competitive pricing and excellent customer service makes us your one-stop feedlot shop

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