About Us

Warialda Engineering & Welding Pty Ltd began trading in 1997, after establishing itself from the confines of its Founder’s garage walls.

Farming, now subject to rigorous health and safety regulations, in the nineties meant subjecting ourselves to dangers in the workplace that could have been avoided. Mick Davis, the founder of Warialda Engineering & Welding, witnessed these dangers first hand and made it his prerogative to create an essential change.

Mick went about developing a new, cost-effective agricultural tool to not only significantly reduce the risks of hazardous work but also save his customers time and energy. With a number of prototypes tried and tested, the “Davis Starlifter” was born; a high quality, dual purpose tool that revolutionised the farm industry and took Australia by storm.

Mick’s determination led him to quickly compile a small list of clients, originally producing between ten to twenty units per month, all from his own garage, and handled every aspect of the transactions himself. Slowly but surely, through great communication and intense commitment, the company began to grow.

Today, the company employs a team of eighteen staff alongside Mick’s wife, two sons and his daughter who all share the same enthusiasm, aspirations and commitment as Mick. The team take immense pride in their remarkable workmanship; with over forty years of combined experience, they ensure that every product meets Mick’s reputably high standards. Honesty, commitment, integrity and professionalism are just some of the old-fashioned values on which Warialda Engineering & Welding bases its impressive growth and success thus far. With those values, the company quickly gained a reputation that exuded high standards in workmanship, production quality and most importantly, customer service.

Warialda Engineering & Welding has grown to become an industry leader both regionally and internationally, recognised for a range of products and services that include design, repair, metal fabrication and steel products for agricultural and related industries. More recently, the list of services has grown alongside the advent of Mick’s newest invention, “The Ropey”.

Mick Davis and his INVENTIONS have been recognized by Australian Government bodies at both state and national level with a number of accolades that include the following:

1997 - Winner of the Farm Inventor of the year – AG-Quip "the Davis Starlifter"
1997 - Runner up of the Orange National Farm Inventor of the year "The Davis Starlifter"
1998 - Admission to the Australian Technology Showcase – the first Aboriginal business admitted.
1999 - Winner of the Farm Inventor of the year – AG - Quip "The Davis Bagmate"
1999 - winner of the Orange National Farm Inventor of the year "The Davis Bagmate"
2000 - Orange Society for Engineering in Agriculture Award of excellence in Engineering & Design
2000 - Runner up of the  BHP Steel Awards -"The Davis Starlifter"
2014 - Winner of the Fraser & Old Sohns Ag-quip Farm inventor of the year “The Ropey”
2014 - Winner of the Beefex IAP Innovators awards “The Ropey”
2014 - Top 4 finalists in the Ethnic Business of the year Awards

2016 - Runner up of the Beefex IAP Innovators award "The Cable Coil"  

2016 - top 4 finalists in the Ethnic Business of the year Awards

2016 - Winner in the Ethnic business of the year Awards