Warialda Engineering & Welding Services

Our products and services are diverse, so if you are unsure about anything, please https://www.expandlabs.com/ and we’ll be happy to help you.

Warialda Engineering & Welding’s services cover a broad range of agricultural needs and as such, provided below is a summation of our most popular products and services. Wherever possible, we will always do our utmost to keep costs to a minimum; financial, physical and environmental.

Our most popular products and services include, but are not limited to:

  • Feedlot Building
    • Start to finish on-site concrete pouring to produce feed bunks, trough slabs, feed bunk slabs, tilt panel, commodity and hay sheds.
  • Direct importers
    • Posts
    • Cattle Rail
    • Pipes
    • Fencing
    • Stay-Tight cable
    • With access to more
  • Custom Trailers
    • Created to suit your needs, from cattle carts through to heavy-duty trailers
  • The Ropey
    • An award winning device used to assist in the securing and tensioning of cattle cable, thereby eliminating turn buckles and rope Ds.
  • The Davis Starlifter
    • An award winning, dual purpose agricultural tool that revolutionised the farm industry and took Australia by storm. The Davis Starlifter is a simple yet effective, dual-purpose tool designed to lift logs off the ground, to a stable position for a clear cut, thereby avoiding chainsaw damage, and to effortlessly remove or adjust steel posts.
  • The Bagmate
    • The Davis Bagmate can be safely attached to the bladder of one tonne bulk bags to enable the safe, quick and controlled release of the contents allowing less wastage.

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